Magic mountain collective

The Magic Mountain Collective


We aspire to preserve the mountains as a linking ground for Man and Nature, to recognise it as a vital source of biodiversity, water and raw elements: a place better kept unleashed, a place that lends us time to heal the spirit, a place where silence is sacred and the Wild can prosper free of civilisation’s turbulent influence.

We promote the Mountain Culture in its most traditional ways and we aim to represent its most innovative and sustainable forms. We believe that progress should be sided with a limited exploitation of natural resources and a controlled system of emissions. We have faith in the values of kindness, of solidarity, of serenity. We defend and appreciate the Mountain craftsmen and believe in their search of beauty through simplicity.

For this we travel to mountains all over the world to seek out and gather their unique creations to share far outside their original grounds, to support circular forms of economy and build new short chains of trade; against the loss of local heritage under the trampling force of mass distribution. We open our doors to everyone who wishes to invest patience, curiosity and respect into discovering the Way of the Mountain: a trail full of adventures, outdoors and blissful new forms of awareness. 

We hope to see you along the trail…