Magic mountain collective

"Where the sun, from the proud mountain, shines."


Magic Mountain Collective

A showcase of handcrafted traditions from the mountain areas of the world. A curated space and website that will feature carefully selected pieces of revisited or traditional handcraft. COLLECTIVE consciousness sustainability awareness mindfulness.​



The sky seems to be made of paper, the intense blue of certain winter days is cut by the white clouds and mountains of an early morning. Out of this dreamy vision, the artisanal knives made entirely handmade by Cartadelcielo were created. “I strongly believe in the past and present connection between man and” what “is outside our planet – says Francesco Coia, founder of the project – I was trying to think of a name, after days of mental turmoil, I decided to change my approach and I went to a pile of books that I had on the table, took the first one and opened it without looking. The book was an advanced astrology manual and the page was the beginning of the chapter on the Sky Chart. This was perfect. ” Cartadelcielo! These artisanal knives are available in the store of Magic Mountain Collective.

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We selected for you the best products that you can find on our ecommerce. A limited selection of the most sought after pieces that we have in the store. Quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness are our criteria for guaranteeing all love for the mountains.

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